The first type of protection for your floors and carpets on Moving day is centered on the prevention of heavy items being dragged along the floor or being dropped onto your hardwood, tiled or carpeted floors. This first floor protection is more indirect in nature but it is still crucial to keeping your floors and carpets damage-free throughout the move.

#1. No dragging. Never drag furniture along the floor. If you do, then you’ll most likely damage the delicate flooring surface and you’ll get dents, scratches, or broken tiles as a result. Instead, carry the lighter furniture pieces like chairs, and use furniture sliders and rubber-wheel dollies to take all heavy items safely out of your home.

#2. Furniture blankets. Use thick blankets (furniture blankets work best) to cover the edges of furniture pieces, kitchen appliances, or any other heavy items you may need to move out of your home. This way, that extra padding will soften the force of the impact if a heavyweight object is accidentally dropped onto the floor.

#3. Sturdy boxes. Use only strong plastic boxes that can easily withhold the weight of whatever is packed inside them. Be extra cautious when using free moving boxes because their original strength will have declined from the previous usage.

#4. Furniture sliders. Consider using furniture sliders to protect hardwood floors when moving heavy stuff across a room or out of your house or apartment. High-quality sliders are made of strong plastic and hard rubber, and their sole purpose is to minimize or even eliminate the friction between the object and the floor.

Place a slider under each furniture leg and push gently toward where you want the heavy item to go. This way, you’ll contribute greatly to protecting your hardwood or tiled floor on Moving day.

#5. Rubber-wheel dolly. Take advantage of probably the most significant invention in our history – the wheel, of course – so that you can protect wood floors when moving. In case you have decided not to hire professional movers who always come with the right type of moving equipment, then you’re going to need a dolly with rubber wheels to wheel out the heavy items out of your home without any damage to the flooring.

How to protect floors on moving day

Doormats can help keep dust, dirt and water away from the floors and carpets inside your home.

You can rent an appliance dolly from a local moving company or purchase one from a home depot store. Make sure the wheels of the dolly are clean before using it.

#6. Doormats. Place one doormat in front of and one doormat after the main door to your home. Doormats are designed to prevent, as much as possible, dust, mud, water, snow, or other types of debris to be introduced into your residence through the shoes of whoever is going in or out of the home.

Although doormats can be fairly effective in protecting carpets and floors when moving house, especially if the weather is bad on Moving day – rain, snow, etc., they alone are not enough to provide a good level of protection for your floors and carpets. Therefore, use doormats only in conjunction with other floor protection techniques.